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The Cost Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategies to Generate and Convert More Targeted Prospects into Clients for Your Business

Search Engine Marketing

Anyone can create a search engine friendly website, but not everyone knows how to boost a website profits.

Once you create a website, you need to be prepared for the massive competition worldwide. In a single month, there are around 113 billion Internet searches.  Is your website among the top search results that will reach your target prospects?

Simply having a website does not count as an internet marketing strategy

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a revolution in the marketing world. A business can market only to people who indicate an interest at a specific topics and at the exact moment that they indicate their interest.

Malaysia SEO CompanySearch engine marketing continues to be the important component of Internet marketing because it offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach.

As search engines such as Google and Bing get more specific on location for better consumer experience, your business too, should target on the immediate market at your local community.  You will be astonished to find that there are so many niche markets unexplored with little competition in Google AdWords.

This is where your opportunity comes in! Tap into the potentials of utilizing your website to achieve a high ROI through implementation of powerful Search Engine Marketing strategies for both the local and international market. There are two stages for the strategic implementation:

Search Engine Marketing Strategic Implementation

Stage One: Google AdWords (PPC)
Google AdWords will get you instant top page visibility in search engines. We can start by learning what your customers are looking for and how they are searching for your product or service. We then identify the top 20% keywords that generate 80% of the results.

Stage Two: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We take these “hyper-responsive keywords” and apply it to your SEO plan. We get your web pages ranked page 1 in the natural or organic listing so that you will pay for clicks less in long term.

The core of these 2 stages is web analyticsto improve your conversion rate and visitor experience.

The best SEM results are a happy marriage between both SEO and PPC. We combine both SEO and PPC, balance it to produce optimal visibility on search results pages.

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