October 2010

Using Google Places To Get Into Google Top 10!

by YC Ng on October 18, 2010

Are you still paying thousand of dollars each year to yellow pages or business directory?

Do you want to get your business to the Google top 10 search results fast?

Here’s a tip that could potentially get you listed in Google’s top listings overnight.

Do you realize Google Maps are showing up in the search engine result pages when people add local modifiers to their keyword phrases when searching?

For example, here is the Google search results for “penang property”:

Google Places

These are superior to a No. 1 organic listing or the premium AdWords position!

How to list your business there?

Well, it’s called Google Places and for the time being, it’s FREE!

Google Places enables you to feature at the top of the search results as part of the geographical results (also known as ‘Local Business results’). You can get a listing even without a website, although submitting your website URL if you have one is highly recommended.

It works like a dream – save you thousand of dollars paying into business portal or directory!

For the time being, it is quite straightforward to get your business listed in this premium spot if you follow the right steps. We have just put up a free video tutorial that will show you how to easily add your business to the Google Maps and Google Places Listings.

Click here to download the step by step video tutorial and PDF presentation now!

PS. Here are what Google suggest about yellow pages :)

Google Yellow Pages

Page Cannot Be Found – Error 404 Issue

by YC Ng on October 3, 2010

Is this sound familiar to you?

Page Cannot Be Found - Error 404

If you copy & paste www.p1.com.my/fhgjk into your browser, you will get the above Page Cannot Be Found error.

Over 70% of the sites are having this issue and your browser may be stealing your 404 traffic!

If you own any website, you got to pay attention to this, especially when you are paying for targeted traffic you certainly do not want to lose site visitors that had already landing on your site.

SOLUTIONS: Build Your 404 Error Page

Here are two popular solutions to this problem:

1. Custom 404 Error Page

You direct the user to a custom 404 page. This offers an explanation of why the page they are seeking is no longer available and provides them other navigation options. This is also known as a soft 404.

For example:


it will redirect to


However, this way of dealing with missing pages will cause you problems. This will cause a missing page or even a made up page to stick in the search engine index. If you have a lot of broken links, it’s possible that your soft 404 page could actually start to rank in the search engines.

This type of soft 404 is also what Google against with. Click here to read more about Google advice.

2.User Friendly 404 Error Page – Preferred Method!

You can create a page that simply tells the visitor and search engine that the page no longer exists. Search engines read the 404 error header on the page and know immediately that the old page is gone forever. You can also customize your 404 page to give users information on how they might find the page they were looking for. The benefit of this approach is its high usability.

Take a look at this good example:

www.airasia.com/shfghgj or any characters at the back of www.airasia.com/…

404 Error Page

If your site have not implement this properly, it is time to talk to your webmaster.

AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE)

October 2, 2010

Google’s ACE is starting to roll out internationally. ACE is a cool free tool that makes it easier to test and precisely measure the impact of changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups and placements. You can turn it on at Campaign > Setting, under Advanced Settings. We have started experimenting it in one of our campaign. […]

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Google Caffeine Loophole

October 2, 2010

Google Caffeine is a new indexing system. It changes the way the index is organized so that you can get 50% fresher results. Originally the old index had several layers, some of which refreshed faster than before. Besides, the new factors make it harder to rank, not just toss up a lot of content, get […]

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