February 2011

Facebook Rules 2011

by YC Ng on February 19, 2011

When Facebook first started becoming available on the worldwide web, it was seen as just a tool to share news and play games among friends and family. But then it grew bigger, with more games and quickly gained popularity. In 2010, it has gone to the point of being the biggest thing, taking over Google’s position as most visited website. Then the advertisements start pouring in.

At first, even though advertisers paid low CPCs (Cost Per Click) or CPMs (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), but it generated very low conversion rates. Now, Facebook showed some impressive improvements.

Sample Facebook ads

As the year marched towards the second half of 2010, things start to be different. A comparison of advertisements run on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing saw an increasing force of Facebook as a huge media. The budget for Facebook ads went up too, but it delivered. CTRs (Click Through Rate) on Facebook may be still very low percentage, ranging between 0.2% to 0.04%, while search engines yield between 1% to 5% or more. Most advertisers see the significant increase of their ad impressions. However, we also find the CPC has been increasing as well, compared with a year ago.

Google has a problem, because performance is often not reeled towards brand awareness or driving visitors to the ultimate result. However, Facebook seems to have grown very well in its inventory, and this result is worldwide and is stronger in APAC countries.

Some companies are opting to have Facebook in their advertising campaigns media mix for a long time, including giants like Intel Corp. Facebook had changed the mindset of advertisers and now they are ready to pour in the bulk of money into advertising on Facebook instead.

eMarketer predicts that advertising spend on facebook will hit over $4 billion worldwide in 2011. That’s more than double the total spent in 2010!

Facebook Ad Revenues 2009-2012

It is then no wonder that Facebook surpasses Google in many ways by the end of year 2010. Facebook will be King for the year 2011 onwards, and will remain as the Ruler of the Internet world unless something else comes up better than it.

Facebook as The Top Search Term in 2010

by YC Ng on February 18, 2011

The word “facebook” is the most searched term of the year for second straight years in the US! And not only that, Facebook passed Google  as the most visited website in the US in 2010.

Experian Hitwise, a division of Experian Marketing Services, analysed the top 1000 search terms for the year 2010 and noted that the word “Facebook” accounts for 2.11% of all searches in the US. There are four variations to the term “Facebook”, including “facebook login” that moved from ninth to second from 2009, “facebook.com” and “www.facebook.com”. It is worth to note that social networking sites and its related terms dominated the results, conquering more than 4% of the top 50 searches.

US top search term 2010

What about in South East Asia? Since Google dominates the search engine market share (over 80%) in this region, we can use the data captured by Zeitgeist based on the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed into Google in 2010. Here are the overview of the most popular search terms:

Asean popular search term 2010

It may seem strange that the word “facebook” is the top searched term, because anyone who wants to get on facebook would already have bookmarked the site by now. So, what could have been so enticing about it right now that it stayed on top of the list?

Well, there may be lot of new users who have not spending enough time to bookmark it or remember the url. Regardless of the reason, this will translate into increased advertiser interest which in turn bring Facebook more revenue. Google will lose the most face as a result of Facebook’s gains.

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February 9, 2011

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February 8, 2011

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Social Media Influence on Search Results

February 1, 2011

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