Malaysia Advertisers Can Now Target Specific Cities Through AdWords

by YC Ng on March 4, 2011

AdWords advertisers can now target the specific region of Malaysia!

Google has just included 17 new countries where you can target specific cities through AdWords. With this expansion, city targeting will now be available to AdWords advertisers in 34 countries. Before this, advertiser can only target the specific region of Malaysia through the custom selection by entering the km radius around specific area.

Geo-targeting helps you tailor your ads towards specific markets. With this new inclusion, Malaysia advertisers can now analyze their campaign at the city level and optimize it for higher ROI. For example, let’s say you run a pest control company and have branches in several cities. You can conduct a campaign-level analysis and learn that you’re getting more conversions from big cities such as Petaling Jaya than other areas.

Adwords Geo-Targeting

However, feedback from many AdWords advertisers that the geo-targeting at any lower than a state level has been a terrific frustration. Google’s IP resolution is not precise. You may receive impressions and clicks from outside your chosen area. Or you just get fewer impressions. But we believe Google is going to continuous improve their system on geo-targeting.

Here is the full list of countries.

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