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How to Find a Quality PPC Management Company?

by YC Ng on August 25, 2011

Are you in search for a PPC (Pay Per Click) management company for your Google AdWords campaign?

ppc management companyTo ensure that you hire the right company, the selection process is vital.

There are several starting points for you to hunt for the right company.

This could be an individual AdWords consultant or engaging a AdWords service provider with pool of certified specialist in AdWords campaign management.

With the selected potential AdWords companies of your need on hand, the next stage can’t be taken lightly either.

You need to deep dive further for the below of each company:

  1. Level of expertise
  2. Cost/Package structure
  3. Past results and current clientele.
  4. Approach/Methodology to your account

Here are five suggested key questions to ask your potential company:

1. How long have they been doing AdWords management?

A minimum of 5 year experience would be an advantage. Do request for their current clientele and testimonials. It would be wonderful if you could speak to at least 2 of their past and current clients.

2. Who would be running your campaign?

It is vital for you to have a dedicated representative who is a GAP (Google Advertising Professional) or Google AdWords Certified Partner to be in-charge of your account.

3. What are the reporting would you be provided?

You need make it clear about the metrics will be given. It is critical for you to ensure you would be granted for full access to reporting functions. It is also mattering much for you to know the types and timeline (daily, weekly or monthly) of reports you would be provided.

4. How do you measure success?

What metrics do you believe are the most important in determining the success of an AdWords campaign? Ensure that you would be provided with detailed assistance fleshing out goals for this campaign.

5. Who keeps your accounts? (IMPORTANT!)

The worst thing you can do is hire a firm who sets-up and manages AdWords accounts for you, then KEEPS these accounts forever. Make sure you confirm that these accounts are YOURS once you terminate this service provider relationship.

The above isn’t an exhaustive list of guidelines but doing the above will lead you to the right part in the process of searching the right quality AdWords management company.

Google AdWords Certified PartnerWe are now the Google AdWords Certified Partner!

This achievement is only held by a few Internet marketing companies in Malaysia.

iBizClicks’ approach is to help to reduce wastage in your online marketing campaign by narrowing down to the target market. By using tools such as web analytics the company is able to understand how visitors are interacting with a business website. This allows the business to extend their online reach to target customers and boost website profits.

We have great experience in campaign optimization, from small account (RM1K a month) up to bigger account (RM100K a month) and have many success case studies to share.

Contact us for more information about our AdWords management services.

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