Google Caffeine Loophole

by YC Ng on October 2, 2010

Google Caffeine is a new indexing system. It changes the way the index is organized so that you can get 50% fresher results. Originally the old index had several layers, some of which refreshed faster than before.

Besides, the new factors make it harder to rank, not just toss up a lot of content, get a lot of backlinks, and rank well quickly.What this means is that you now have a brand new set of factors to take into consideration when optimizing your sites. Blogs and dynamic sites rule the rankings right now, so you may want to consider moving static sites over to a blogging platform, or at least building some type of user interactivity into them.

It is more important than ever before to get your users involved in your site. Anything you can do to bring in traffic and encourage user activity on your site is a great thing. Don’t build sites that people will stop by, read an article or two, and then leave. Build sites that are sticky and encourage people to interact and want to come back!

What You Can Do To Get The Top Spot?

Google Caffeine Loophole

1. Improve Your Site Speed

Site speed is a factor in Google rankings. Google made it official by releasing their in-house research about how even the smallest change in site speed effects Web surfers!

Google reports that the delays of even less than half a second can have a negative effect on your site. Your visitor satisfaction will go down, and users will spend less time at your site and return less frequently. If you have a slow loading site / page, try reducing the image size.

2. Quality Over Relevancy

It used to easily target long tail keywords and get top ranking due to relevancy. In reality, many long-tail keyword pages were lacking in quality even though they were very relevant, especially those made for Adsense site. Now, this is no longer the case. You have to increase quality by building incoming links.

3. Social Media

In order to take advantage of the new changes to Google’s algorithm, you need to encourage user interactivity. You can use sites that already have traffic and authority to get traffic that will help boost your sites into the top of the SERPs. Submit articles to article directories, post comments on blogs, and put a link in your signature on forums.

Make sure to encourage users to sign up for your RSS feed. Remember, Google owns FeedBurner, so it’s a very good idea to run your RSS subscriptions through it. This will help prove to Google that people really like your site.

You also want to encourage users to post comments. You can try asking users for their opinions on your stories. Posting on controversial topics will definitely help accomplish this, but you may not want to deal with the backlash that can come from these types of posts.

When you ask for feedback, you have to be prepared to deal with every type of content. Many will be pleasant, but some will not. Try to allow people to state their opinion, even if you disagree with it. You’re free to moderate comments any way you want, but people will respect you if you allow users to disagree with you in a respectful way.

You may also want to include some social icons on your site, as well. Social networking and social bookmarking is becoming more and more popular, and more and more important for SEO.

Remember, SEO changes constantly. What works today may not work tomorrow. But for now, it’s a great idea to optimize your site for as many factors as possible, including the new Caffeine changes.

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