Google Quietly Tests New Ad Formats

by YC Ng on February 8, 2011

Lately, Google quietly tests more ad formats and layouts to optimize for both advertisers and users. The obvious test that we can see locally is longer headlines.

Google has merged the headline with the first line of text. For example:

Google AdWords Longer Headlines

Only some ads will be shown with the longer headline, you can increase your chances by ensuring that each line of your ad appears to be a distinct sentence and ends in the proper punctuation (e.g., a period or a question mark).

We’ve found that the change results in higher click through rates for most of our clients’ ads that are shown with the longer headline.

FINAL: Display URLs Go All-Lowercase

Besides, Google announced in January that it’s in their best long-term revenue interest to restrict the testing of capitals and lowercase in domains. Following the change, the domain portion of your display URL will always be shown in lowercase letters.

For example, if your display URL is, it will appear as

However, you can still capitalize sub-directories in the display URL. For example:

Google Ads URL Display

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