The Importance of SEO When Redesigning Your Website

by YC Ng on March 16, 2011

If you are thinking of revamping your website, it will be wise to get your SEO consultant involved right from the beginning, and to lead your redesigning effort instead of leaving it to a team of developers.

website redesignUsually, redesigning may happen when a company wants to rebrand, or if the design is already too archaic and belongs to the dinosaur era. A new website design will actually either help to make or break your business, so the SEO consultant will be the better person to deal with the improvements. A developer might know much about search engine compliance, but may not be the best to talk about optimization.

Your SEO consultant should be the first to be involved in a CMS review. CMS review is important, unless you are using familiar tools such as WordPress or Joomla. These two are examples platforms which are search engines friendly for on-page optimization. If your designer uses its own platform, ask the SEO to review it, to see how useful and flexible it can get. Some developers might boast to say that they are using niche CMS that are more advanced than any of the tools mentioned, but it might have fewer input fields for content publishers.

There is also a need for the SEO consultant to work on an information architecture to allow greater user experience and to drive search traffic. This also mean that the SEO consultant should provide a standard guidelines for the designer to adhere to and make the new site easier for search engines.

The SEO consultant may also introduce a URL redirection strategy, especially if the redesigning uses a new CMS. Your previous article might have some back links and also referal links by reputable industry players and reviewers, so you do not want to lose them. Making sure that the transition has a good strategy will prevent the loss of referral traffic and links.

Pages that are full of content should also be identified, and reviewed for traffic driving and integrate keywords. SEOs may also take this opportunity to build cross-linking within the content, assign relevant keywords for each page, pass rank and ensure page spiderability.

And of course, finally, before the site goes live, your SEO consultant should do a final check on the new design. Is there any broken links? Are there any errors? Your SEO consultant would simulate a spider crawl and check for such errors.

There is no undermining of the developer, but if the developer actually understands the difference between compliance and optimization, there will be no reason to reject the use of a good SEO consultant during the process. Opinions may clash, but let the optimization be your priority.

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