Professional Google AdWords Management Services

Google AdWords Management Services

Google AdWords dominants the pay-per-click (PPC) market share as it controls roughly 60% of all search advertising on the Internet. It services an audience of searchers numbering more than twice that of Yahoo, their closest competitor.

If you want your company to be seen by the largest number of potential customers possible then Google AdWords is a must, because it offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach – access to 75% of the world’s internet users.

AdWords was revolutionary because it rewarded advertisers for truly relevant ads which get plenty of clicks, making it a great fit for those who took the time to create more targeted ads. That’s why it can be tricky to use it to its great potential. Increasing competition, costs, and quality requirements imposed by Google make it very difficult for most people to get maximum profit.

Google Adwords is a potent tool in your marketing arsenal. Used correctly it will gain your website massive exposure to potential customers and leads. However if improperly used, you can watch thousands of dollars wash down the drain in the matter of hours.

Let Us Setup, Optimize & Manage Your Google AdWords Campaigns

We have a great deal of experience working with AdWords and are Google AdWords Certified Partner and Google Analytics Qualified Professional. We have managed over few million USD of PPC campaigns profitably, throughout Southeast Asia as well as Australia.

Our advanced AdWords management and optimization strategies will deliver:

  • More Targeted Clicks
  • Lower Cost Per Click
  • Better Conversion

In overall, we save you money and free your time, while leveraging on our 7 years experience in online marketing!

Want Proof? Take a look at this Google AdWords optimization case studies…

The following screenshots are Google AdWords campaigns from our clients. The key points was highlighted and covered to protect client’s privacy.

Client A:
Sales Leads Volume Increased By 133% While Cost Per Lead Reduced By 92%!

The campaign has been running for over 4 years before the client engage our monthly management service. There was no conversion tracking at all.

AdWords Case Study 1a

Before Optimization

Month 1: All campaigns were restructured with proper ad groups. Conversion tracking was properly setup after understanding client’s initial expectation and specific goals. At the end of the month, the client received 112 leads, with RM12.78 cost per lead and 1.50% conversion rate.

AdWords Case Study 1b

Month 1: Setup & Overhaul Phase

Month 3: After optimization the campaigns and some on-page elements, sales leads volume has increased by 133% to 261, at an average cost of RM6.85 and 2.88% conversion rate – a 92 % improvement!

AdWords Case Study 1c

Month 3: After Optimization

Client B:
Overcome Quality Score Problem. Sales Volume Increased By 270% While Cost Per Lead Reduced By 68%!

Month 1: The campaign has been running for a while but Quality Score was a main issue for low impression share. We worked with client to revamp the landing page with new domain specially for AdWords.

AdWords Case Study 2a

Before New Website & Optimization

Month 3: After campaign optimization, the Quality Score has improved significantly to average 7/10. Average Click-through-Rate (CTR) has improved from 5% to over 10%. A huge jump after our split testing!

Adwords Case Study 2b

Month 3: 2 months after new optimized website. Quality Score and Impression Share has improved significantly!

Month 4: Sales volume has increased by 270% at an average cost of RM21.07 and 0.87% conversion rate – a 68 % improvement!

Google Adwords 2c

Month 4: Sales Volume has increased by 270%!

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Our management fee starts from RM600 per month (excluding click charges), depend on the overall ad spend and number of products / services. No long term contract required! Give us 3 months to either setup your new campaign or optimize your existing campaign.

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NOTE: We do not accept the sites that does not comply with Google AdWords policy.

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