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Our SEO Services Focus on Your Hyper-Responsive Keywords

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the relevancy, discoverability and crawlability in the eye of search engine. These are the critical ingredients of high ranking web pages.

However, in reality it is all about optimizing your site for your audience (the searchers) and ensuring your site is built to be successful in an online environment.

Our SEO services focus on the top 20% keywords that generate 80% of the results

Targeted KeywordsWe study all the ins and outs of your market and research the keywords you need to capitalize on your marketing efforts. We ensure the selected keywords

a) have significant monthly volumes
b) have commercial intent
c) have competition that is “beatable” in Google, Yahoo & Bing

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. Read more about our advice on how to select the right keywords.

From search frequency, traffic, competition and relevance – our SEO services look at all the elements that comprise your keyword list, and then build it out. This is all done with the direct goal being to generate targeted traffic and generate more leads & more sales for your business.

Our service include:

Stage 1: Website Review
Site structure recommendations to ensure search engine friendliness and complete indexing of all pages.

Stage 2: Keyword Analysis
Comprehensive keyword research to identify a broad range of short and long tail keywords.

Stage 3: Identify “Hyper-Responsive Keyword”
Started with PPC traffic (optional). We then analyze your web analytics reports to determine which 20% keywords are bringing 80% of the results – converting to a leads or sales.

Stage 4: On-Page Optimization
We look at the on-page factors and tweak it to ensure your website is at the optimal stage that fit for a “pull”. Your web page will gain an on-page leverage!

Stage 5: Link Building & Management
Quality link building Link building is an essential part of achieving high search engine rankings and good traffic to your website. We create high quality unique articles and blogs to  focus on getting quality and instant discovery backlinks from major article directories, Press Release sites, Web 2.0, Wikis and private blogs. We ensure the contents are indexed through pinging and social bookmarking.

Ethical & Safe SEO Method

Our comprehensive ethical off-page optimization strategy are safe because we build different layer of backlinks that link to each other to boost strengths and provide sustainable ranking.


Every month, we will keep you up to date with the campaign progress, work completed and ranking reports through our private SEO Management platform.

Our Pricing

We love to work with clients that are leaders and winners. However, due to limited capacity we currently serve only clients with budget of minimum RM1,000 per month.

Our internal KPIs are Google Top 5 Ranking & Increase Targeted Traffic  - NOT the easy keywords that bring you little traffic!

Why Google Top 5? Read our post on why you should get your website in Google top 5.

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