Social Media Marketing Services

In iBizClicks, we work closely with our strategic partner – Tribeup to offer various social media marketing solutions.

Tribeup has accumulated more than a decade of experience in marketing and branding leveraging on various media platforms, and we’re totally excited to partner with them to build your brand online.

We have strong belief in digital media that will help businesses to transform themselves into a friendlier, more transparent and stronger organisations by embracing the crowd. And ultimately, we and Tribeup would love to help you to listen from your tribes, engage them with ideas that excite them, and to shout on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing – Campaign Ideation & Management

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Our core passion, sure it is. We’ve been embracing the social media to market various brands at its infancy and the more we do it, the more we get addicted. At the same time, we are excited by the possibilities behind all the developments and changes along the years. We’re not experts, as social media marketing is an ever evolving topic. But we are proud to claim ourselves practitioners.

We love the exercise of diving into your core strategies. From there to come out with the best idea to connect your brand to your tribes, excite them, uniting them and organizing them into actions that will benefit both your brand and the followings.

Content Creation, Listening & Engagement

We spoke to many corporate leaders and there’s one conclusion we reached. It is easy to fall in love with the idea of social media, but it can be a terrible pain to do it, especially the maintaining part. Content creation to us involves updates on Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, newsletters, to name a few. It is not only about how to write, it is about how to stay relevant and engaging.

Along the years we’ve learned how to organize and create content from the core of the brand. We work with our client closely to come out with our signature Communication Kit. Our experienced social media managers will manage, listen to, and engage with the conversations, 24/7, on behalf.

Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Are you on social media? Why not? Let us guess.. worry about the comments from the public? Worry about transparency? Worry that you might be attacked by competitors?

The truth is, even if you’re on social media or not, you’re there.

As everyone is now a media with us following on Facebook, Twitter, blog and Foursquare, to name a few. Your brand is being talked about even you’re not on the social networks as people share their experience with your brand, being it positive or negative. Instead of avoiding the web we will help you to put your presence on the web with a set of strategy to communicate and manage any challenges posted by the consumers. When necessary, we will work with your team to handle crisis when they arise, with dignity.

Facebook Application Development

We specialize in customized Facebook application building for your awesome campaign ideas.

Many brands are using Facebook to engage with their fans via contests, sweepstakes and all sort of campaigns. Without using a proper application, this puts their hard work of building a substantial fan base at risk. According to Facebook Promotions Guidelines pages can be removed by Facebook for hosting campaigns that do not comply to the said guidelines.

May it be as simple as a iframe landing page to showcase your products and services. An online survey that sits on Facebook, a contest that aims to turn your fans into email addresses or a customized application that mirrors your web content to Facebook, we can make it cool for you.


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